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Nintendo Conference Report! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alex Terris   
Tuesday, 09 May 2006

After watching Nintendo's first conference at the start of E3, we have the full write up of the Wii news, which contains some incredible secrets about the Wii and it's games!

The major secret revealed is that the controller has it's own speakers which play sounds depending on what the player is doing. For example, when pulling back to fire an arrow in Twilight Princess, the controller makes the actual noise of a bow; and when the arrow hits the enemy, the remote makes the sound of the enemy being hit.

The Twilight Princess allows the player to use the Wii controller fully, including thrusting with the sword, the spin attack, firing arrows and even fishing. The game will be released as two different versions, one for the Wii and one for the Gamecube.

New games were also announced, the most exciting being a brand new Mario game, named Super Mario Galaxy. The video quite frankly looked amazing, and the game features brand new moves only possible using the Wii controller. Matriod Prime 3: Corruption was also shown.

Three new franchise games were announced, the first being Excite Truck. Excite truck allows the player the control the truck using the Wii Remote as a steering wheel, and the terrain will degrade beneath you in real time. The second game was Project Hammer, and allows the player to swing the controller as a hammer. The third was named Disaster, which is the player against nature in a huge natural disaster. Very interesting!

Third party games Sonic, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicle, Madden, Downill Jam, Rayman and Spongebob were also given a brief showing, each with their own way of using the Wii Remote.

Nintendo announced a huge 27 games would be playable at tommorrow's booth, and more will be viewable.

Next, Red Steel was shown. The game is set in the U.S. and Japan, and is controlled using the nunchuck to move and the Wii Remote to aim. The demo looked very promising, and showed sword and gun fighting using the Wii Remote.

Mr Iwata was next on stage, promising that Nintendo would continue theur march towards "gaming disruption" with the Wii by bringing in new gamers as well as exciting the older ones. Iwata also told the audience that loading times in games were becoming ridiculously long, and Nintendo is planning to change this by loading games and applications in just a few seconds. The Wii will also provide services even when it is turned off, called "Wii connect 24". Even when the Wii is "turned off" it will be permanently connected to the internet, allowing overnight downloads and players being able to visit other players Animal Crossing towns even when the player isn't on the system.

Iwata emphasised the fact that the Wii will be aiming to bring in new players as well as gamers who already play.


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What part of the Wii's online features are you most looking forward too?
New site and forums for Wii gamer by Lange at Wed 18 Jul 15:20

Hello everyone,
Due to the mass bot infestation, and main site being hacked, I made a new site here the forums can be found there as well. So any existing members coming back here please go to the new site. Also with are lack of activity(for a long time lol) in the new forums I hope to get it going again as i've submitted the fourms to search engine services to get new members.

Thanks everyone

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Everybody Loves Wii by chad60 at Wed 13 Jun 00:16

Definitely, Wii has become as the most popular and most sought after gaming console nowadays. It is different from the usual gaming equipment that we used to know of. Many factors were given as to the reason for resurgence of this most innovative games machine over a very short period of time. One is the cost which makes it even more affordable to those who are tight on budget. And the other are the games that went along with the product that requires a different method of playing them. It's a fun gaming machine and is the reason why it is very attractive to gamers and non-gamers of all ages.

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by Link at Tue 22 May 23:20

Both games look realy awsome. Im looking forward to SSBB more than MP3, but i still will get both.

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Metroid Prime 3 release date by milo at Mon 21 May 11:04

Metroid prime 3 is set for the 20th of august in the usa, much sooner than i expected. Hopefully this dosnt mean they are rushing it. What do you think.

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Win a Wii - With FANTA by tomgman at Sun 13 May 02:45

Hi i found this on and though i would just copy n paste for those who care

Cola-Cola Great Britain and Nintendo UK both have a big surprise to their respective consumers. Beginning May 14 until July 2007, there will be a total of 182 million specially marked packs of Fanta, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper all around the nation. Purchase these drinks and you give yourself a chance to win Ultimate Wii Games Rooms.

Ultimate Wii Games Rooms, just so you know, consists of a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Sports game, Samsung 26" LCD TV, a mini fridge and a case each of 330ml Fanta, Sprite, and Dr Pepper. Do take note that all through out the promotion, ten of this will be given away - every day

"This promotion marks the start of an exciting summer of activity for our Flavoured Sparkling Beverage brands. The brand aspires to be a credible part of our teen consumers worlds and will reinforce this positioning by giving consumers access to the ultimate Wii experience," remarked Fanta Senior Brand Manager Simon Pick. Nintendo UK's Ben Taylor likewise added:

Wii is already the must have gadget of the year for people of all ages. This activity will re-enforce our message not just with with hardcore gamers but importantly will also reach everyone in the household including the mums and dads we also want to attract to our products.
The promotion was conceptualized with the help of communications agency BD-NTWK. It'll be marketed all around UK including new 20" and 30" TV advertisements, online advertising, and extensive PR activity with a multi-million pound budget.

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