Written by Toadsworth
Monday, 23 October 2006
“Without this portable system, the video game industry growth overall would be nearly flat when compared with 2005…” says the NPD Group of Port Washington, New York.

At the close of September 2006, the video game industry showed a revenue growth of 11 percent compared to September 2005. 9.4 of this 11 percent was due to the DS. Nintendo states that mostly women and older groups of people are the majority of the buyers, mostly playing the Touch Generations games.

This is exactly what Nintendo wanted to do, to open the video game market up to many different crowds of people. It will be interesting to see if the Wii will also appeal to such a wide variety of people.

Source: DSRevolution

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 October 2006 )

wii game

On Tuesday, Midway revealed that their latest installment in the Mortal Kombat series is coming to the Wii. It’s called Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, and it will come out in the 1st quarter of next year. Armageddon, which is expected to release in October for the Xbox and PS2, will have over 60 characters as well as a “Create-A-Fighter” mode. Midway has also made more, “interactive” maps, with falling rocks and lava and spinning fans. It is uncertain how Midway will take advantage of the Wii remote.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 02 August 2006 )


Nintendo has recently announce that the wii will have 480p capability cable for the Wii at launch. They announced last month or so that the Wii will ship with composite cables for standard resolution televisions. Meaning, you can purchase them at launch. The cable will cost around $30.00 for people to buy. Also, if you purchased the conponent cables for the Gamcube, you will have to buy another one because they are not compatable with the Wii system. The cables will be available through retail stores such as Best buy, EBgames, GameStop etc. So now HDTV users will be able to run there Wiis on HDTVs in Progressive scan mode.